Sports and Fitness: The Benefits of Brain Boosting Nootropic Supplements

The field of Nootropics has given a lot of benefits to people’s mental health, but also in athletes and fitness enthusiast’s performance. The most common advantage of using this kind of brain supplement is the improvement in the cognitive function of the brain by enhancing our ability to understand, acquire and stimulate our brain’s creativity and providing the CNS or Central Nervous System all the energy it needs to keep the creative juice flowing. From a medical standpoint, studies show that Nootropics helps with anxiety, stress and mood. In sports and fitness world, the improvement in concentration, clarity, diminishing fatigue and signal processing is significant to achieve maximum performance. These supplements allow athletes to enter “The Zone” or the state of mind where athletes perform at their maximum potential.

Medical experts say that every human being has a different reaction to every supplement. WADA or World Anti-Doping Agency, an organization that regulates the use of drugs in sports, have banned some of these drugs like Phenylpiracetam and pregnant women are advised not to ingest the most common Nootropic, Caffeine, because it can cause some complications in their pregnancy. On the other hand, some supplements like Choline, are useful for athletes and pregnant women because it decreases fatigue for athletes and it can cause fetal brain development when used by pregnant women.

The question is, Can an average person use Nootropics? The answer is yes. You can use it because it can increase brain power and increases your mind’s focus. So how can this affect your day-to-day living? Imagine you are spending at least five hours of studying for your exams, and because of the supplement, all the lessons that you studied is still fresh in your memory the next day. Or perhaps you will be more focused on your work that you usually find annoying. These are some of the benefits you can get using natural or synthetic Nutraceuticals or more commonly known as Nootropics. Most people call these miracle drugs, some call them smart medicines, but one thing for sure, Nootropics can unlock the secrets of your cognitive abilities and creativeness. Not only that, but it can also unleash every person’s maximum potential both mental and physical.

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Improving the performance

The most important aspect of being a professional, whether they are an artist, medical professional or an athlete is their physical skill. This skill is what sets them apart from ordinary people. So how did these professionals acquire the physical ability they have to succeed in their profession? Simple, to achieve mastery of a particular skill, it needs practice and repetition to the point that your mind and your muscle will remember what you have practiced. Our body has a neuromuscular connection that needs to be trained, honed and reinforced by practicing over and over. So how long does it take to master a skill? According to the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, needs at least 10,000 hours of repetition and practice to become an expert in a particular skill. All athletes didn’t become skillful in their trade overnight. It takes years of sleepless nights and days to be a master. We all know that the physical part of practicing is the easy part. It is the mental aspect that is more tiring and stressful. Being mentally focused and remain in that state is the most crucial part.

Once you have achieved the level of a professional athlete, it is all about the mental state rather than the physical. Companies like Nootropics Revealed has information about Nootropics and Smart Drugs that can help improve the performance of every human being whether you are a surgeon, a football player, an artist or a simple student or worker.  The problem is how to maintain the mental aspect of it. Nootropics or commonly known as “Smart Drugs” helps you achieve the psychological status needed to be like a professional athlete. Most athletes and fitness enthusiasts all have a similar approach mentally. They firmly believe in themselves, and the confidence is high, the creative juices are flowing, the motivation, memory and function are thru the roof. They take the risk to try, and if they fail, they do not quickly get discouraged. The mental aspect is what sets them apart from regular people. Some call it cockiness, but to tell you honestly, they have the guts to be confident.

In this scenario is where Nootropic enters. Our brain is like the CPU of a high-end computer. It has circuits, memory, and they are interconnected with electrical wiring. Our mind has the inter-connectivity of a computer. But instead of electricity, chemicals are used to communicate between neurons. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters. Nootropics help increase these chemicals in our body to be more active and give our brain more energy to perform any task at its maximum performance level. Because of this, more companies developed natural or synthetic Nootropic supplements to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals in life.