If you hated going to the dentist as a child, you may neglect going as an adult. Your reason could be fear, financial worries or thinking that you’ve just let things go for too long. Here are the top reasons people avoid going to the dentist.

Fear of Pain

Some people may remember a painful cavity as a child or have heard a horror story from a friend and are now afraid. Dentistry has changed tremendously and procedures are virtually pain-free. Never base your opinion on someone else’s dental work. Each patient is different. Dental fear is common and the Park Slope family dentistry staff is ready to help ease your concern.


Another reason that keeps people from seeking dental help is shame. They fear that because their teeth are in bad shape, the dentist will think they have poor hygiene. Instead of going, they keep their pain to themselves. Dentists have seen all types of predicaments and will give you professional, unbiased advice.

Feeling They’ve Waited Too Long

Some people think they’ve simply missed the boat when it comes to their teeth. They may have a chipped, broken or even a missing tooth and feel that there’s no remedy. This is simply not true. Scheduling an appointment for a comprehensive exam can show you exactly where you stand and what your options for treatment are. Lack of dental care affects more than just your teeth, so scheduling an appointment is important.

Expense Worries

Another worry that keeps people from going to the dentist is the perceived cost. While there is a financial responsibility, there are many options available to assist you. Money should not be an excuse to ignore your oral health.

Finally Feeling Relief

Once you find the confidence to make the appointment, you’ll find that your fears will quickly melt away. Soon you’ll be comfortable visiting your dentist and will feel proud of your decision to take care of your teeth.