Making Special Occasions Better With Great Starters

Starters are the light meals served during a party or when you do fine dining right before you go to the main course. If you follow closely the culinary world, you would most likely know about the famous Italian starter that everyone loves, the bruschetta. It is common for people to panic a little when they hear something fancy because they think it would probably be a meal that is far too complex to actually be delicious, but in this case, complexity is not an aspect. This is one of those starters that do not really take much to prepare, but the taste is splendid. The nine ingredients needed would include your basic salt, pepper, olive oil, and garlic and the main components, bread, parmesan, vinegar, tomatoes, and basil. The bread is said to be the star of the show in this meal and it is important for you to make sure that it is of good quality. Rustic bread is the type of bread used in this recipe and a good example would be the baguette. This starter is so simple that all you would have to do it to lay down sliced bread and put the rest of the ingredients on top of it. Once you have all the ingredients on top of one another, you can now start grilling.

The Best Way To Make Mediterranean Style Stuffed Peppers

There is so much beauty and simplicity to cooking stuffed peppers. There is a certain beauty that peppers bring to the table because of the bright and beautiful colors they have. You have the choice in picking out the colors of the peppers you will use, as well as the stuffing you put inside it. It is the mozzarella, courgettes ad couscous that make a stuffing mediterranean. You would be needing an oven to finish cooking this recipe. The order of events would start off with creating a hollow in the peppers and them putting them inside the oven while you make the stuffing using a saucepan. You must pay close attention to stirring the couscous so that you know when is the right time to pour in the water. You then let it simmer for a few minutes and then you must take it off the pan to settle down on the side. Bell peppers may come from a family of hot peppers but there is nothing hot to it so if you wish to steam things up a bit, you can always add a dash of chili powder to your stuffing. You will now take out the peppers from the oven and start placing the stuffing inside it and end it with a lot of mozzarella on top. To finish it all up, place it on the grill for a few minutes before serving.