Tips 1. Reduce Big Eating Portion. Enough 1x Large Eat.

The principle of diet is the number of calories that enter the body should be smaller than the calories used by our bodies. The cause of our fat is because we are excess calories and then stored calories (stockpiled) in the form of fat, especially in the (visceral fat). For more information please visit 60 Day Trim Up.

Normal calorie needs around 1500-2000 cal. Once a big meal assumes 600-800kal. So the initial principle for the management of the body is just 1x large meals only. replace with low-calorie foods such as vegetables and fruit. Should eat breakfast and dinner do not consume rice. White rice is high in calories about 300-400 cal. Afternoon allows eating normally, as the afternoon energy up to the night. A low-carb low-calorie can use potatoes that are only 80 calories.

With a day eliminating the usual meal 2x eat the equivalent of losing 1500 cal. With the reduced fat weight is also reduced. This is the most important thing to do. Due to the large 1x Eating Pattern Tips, 2x low calorie eating the greatest effect of the 3-4 kg weight loss program in 1 month.

Tip 2. Try changing to low-calorie foods.

As much as possible we replace foods that are low in calories. Eg sugar, use Tropicana slim, diabetes which is 5 calories even 0 calories. Suppose the bread is looking for wheat bread. Low calorie, there is at Tropicana slim. It is also important to reduce sweet drink.

Tip 3. Reduce fatty foods multiply eat unsaturated fats.

Saturated fats are difficult to break down in the body and are easily stored to make a fat. Meat, fried foods, offal, etc. While avoiding first. multiply eating foods that are low in saturated fat that can break down the fat so as not to enter the body. The sample of boiled soybeans, tofu, etc.

There are high-calorie foods but low cholesterol & vice versa. In the same gram, chicken cholesterol is lower than goats or cows, but the calories are much larger. Therefore, try to eat low calorie and low cholesterol, for example, vegetables and fish. A very healthy white chicken egg does not contain cholesterol, but yellow cholesterol is high. 1 egg quail is equivalent to 6-8 chicken eggs. In general, high cholesterol also high-calorie.

Tip 4. Reduce Snacks and Replace Healthy Snacks.

There are so many high-calorie snacks. For example, like peanut products, 1 nuts contain 5 calories. Now there is also a snack for diet, low calorie usually made from soybeans. Try to provide fruits such as apples, starfruit, etc. or are preferred. Avoid fruits like Durian. More detail info on 60DayTrimUp.

Tips 5. Spend regular exercise.

Try every day can do sports activities, sweat. Minimum 15 minutes, ideal 30 minutes. Because after 30 minutes the body will burn fat under the skin and in the body. Jogging and 30-minute bike equal 300-400 calories. If we do 1 hour is pretty good can 600-800 calories equivalent burn calories 1x we eat. Other sports to help abdominal stomach eg sit-ups. Regular exercise can contribute 35-40{dc26faab01eb264d773963b47dfa246cab533499658bf3b730a2f9052ffd8b6e}.

Tips 6. Expand Drinking water.

If in the diet program water consumption should be maintained. Try 8-10 glasses per day. Whitewater serves to shed fat in our intestines. Also good for kidney health and body balance.

Tip 7. If Weight is ideal then Defend.

If we’ve reached the ideal weight target. Keep it easy. If you take care of it the 1x big meal. If maintaining enough 2x big meal. 1x low-calorie replaced, eg shake or vegetables and fruit.

Tips 8. Do it Healthy / Note the Nutrition.

Losing weight is a long-term process, not a short-term few days. So long as we go down should stay healthy. Therefore pay attention nutrition that we consume. Calories may be reduced but nutrition & nutrition must be maintained. You can use the trusted product of your choice. A complete nutrition info is onĀ trim up.

Tips 9. Strive for Supportive Environment.

The environment around you is also one of the factors that can support your diet program. With the help and support of our family to prepare nutritious consumption as well as mental and enthusiastic support to keep discipline in running your diet program.

Tips 10. Healthy life intentions & discipline run a healthy lifestyle.

All must start with the intention. Ideal weight is the effect of healthy living. Watch out the dangers of obesity as being a major factor: Stroke, diabetes, cholesterol, heart, impotence and other dangerous diseases.

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