How to Choose a Wine Cooler

Being a wine lover, you’ll likely reach a point where simple wine tasting isn’t enough the aspect of collecting wine becomes an even more appealing notion. A new passion for collecting wine start from a simple visit to a wine festival or an amazing winery tour and you catch a glimpse of wine that you simply had to have a supply of at home.

After obtaining a handful of wine bottles of course you need a proper place to store them. There are those who are lucky to already have a basement or an area in their house that’s cool enough to house wine at the best possible temperature and humidity level. In case you belong to the majority that doesn’t have quite the ideal house setup, you can go for a wine cooler or wine refrigerator; the wine has to be kept at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wine coolers are available in various shapes and sizes; there are ones small enough to fit under your cabinet to those large enough to fit a wine collection that consists of more than a hundred bottles. For a beginner, the task of searching for the ideal wine cooler can be incredibly daunting so below are some tips that you may want to follow.

Features and the Quality that it Offers

When it comes to the quality, you’d be surprised at how greatly wine coolers differ from one another. The most basic wine coolers, as you might assume, will store your wine collection at an ideal temperature and relative humidity but that’s all that it will do. Units that offer higher quality have separate cooling zones; these cooling zones temper and store white wines and red wines. Other features that usually come with high end wine coolers include a digital temperature control panel, pull-out shelving for all the wine bottles with varying sizes and UV-protected glass. A handful of wine coolers even feature a sort of alarm system that notifies you whenever problems related to the humidity level, the door, temperature or the filter occurs.

The Wine Cooler’s Pricing

Take note, even the most basic wine cooler model is not considered cheap. If you’re aiming for wine cooler models with larger capacities, then don’t be surprised when they ask for a small fortune. To get the wine cooler to your home, shipping costs are required and bigger models might cost you another several hundred dollars.

Wine Racks and Wine Coolers

According to some wine collectors, the combination of wine cooler and rack in cool space offers an incredibly affordable alternative to wine storage. Have a quick look around your collection and see which ones are actually appropriate for the wine rack.

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