Basic vitamins that are needed by women to help them stay healthy

The human body is designed in a way that it must be supplied with a constant supply of certain minerals and vitamins in certain levels all the time to remain strong and healthy all the time. It is unfortunate that despite all the awareness that has been created about staying and eating healthy across the world, some people still deprive their bodies of some minerals and vitamins which are so important for not only the usual functioning of the body but also to keep strong from diseases and ailments. It is even surprising to note that 95 {dc26faab01eb264d773963b47dfa246cab533499658bf3b730a2f9052ffd8b6e} of adults across the globe suffer from vitamin D deficiency. The female gender has been known to carry out special duties such as carrying out menstruation and pregnancies which explains why their bodies call for special vitamins and minerals to help them keep healthy and strong all the time so they efficiently perform their duties in the right manner with the least of stress and strain. The female bodies are designed to perform tough and special duties such as carrying pregnancies and going through menstruation every once in a month which really puts a toll on them and it is for such roles that they require a special supply of the minerals and vitamins just to keep them in the best state and to cope with their functions. Women, being the special gender, need a special and additional supply of nutrients which help them through some roles such as pregnancies and menstruations without putting so much toll on their bodies since the reliable supply of nutrients is meant to come handy at such times.

The folic acid, B9, is an essential vitamin that should always be part of the feminine diet all the time, every time. It can be artificially incorporated in meals where the natural ones are a challenge. In meals where it occurs naturally, it is known as folate. It is a major component of vital roles and responsibilities such as formation of brain and proficient working of the spine. It is also known to help in the development of the DNA as well as the RNA and also to protect the DNA from any changes that may lead to occurrence of cancer. Bearing in mind the roles it plays, it is most important and required in high amounts by women who are trying to conceive or expectant already to help in not only the brain development of the fetus but also all the other essential functions.

The B6 is one vitamin that should never miss on such a list too. It performs crucial roles such as making sure that the metabolism rates are effective and the brain functioning is as expected. It is also required in the production of vital hormones as well as the strengthening of the body’s immune system. It is essential to always remember that any exceeds of the specified amount may have severe effects on the user.

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