Wellness clinics and medical spas can offer clientele specialized non-invasive therapies that can rejuvenate the skin or aid in weight loss. These procedures are typically performed under the guidance of a doctor, but unlike cosmetic surgery for imperfections, these treatments will not lead to long recovery times. If you are interested in cosmetic medicine Nassau County options, read on to learn about some of the procedures that are offered.

Treatments for the Skin

While a conventional day spa may only offer facial massages, wellness clinics can offer treatments specifically created to rejuvenate the skin. Chemical peels and Botox injections improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. While Botox weakens the muscles that lead to the creation of facial lines, chemical peels remove the most superficial layer of the skin, decreasing the appearance of lines. Some wellness clinics can also offer microdermabrasion or laser therapy to help with acne scarring or hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Treatments for Weight Loss

By offering targeted weight loss options, fat burning injections or a guided meal plan, wellness clinics can help a client maintain healthy lifestyle changes. Fat burning injections, also called lipotropic injections, are offered to increase overall body metabolism of fat and to provide a client with vitamins that can increase energy. Typically made of a combination of vitamin B-complex, these injections can help increase muscle stamina needed for exercise. Targeted weight loss options focus on a client’s perceived problem areas, the areas where despite proper diet and exercise, they simply don’t shrink. Wellness clinics can provide therapies that destroy fat cells, allowing the body to naturally flush them from the system, or shrink fat cells, causing them to take up less space within the body. These methods can involve laser therapy, cold therapy or body wraps.

When investigating cosmetic medicine, a visit to a surgeon does not have to be the first step. Wellness clinics can provide similar benefits in a less invasive nature and with less stress on your wallet.