Millions of people suffer debilitating pain from problems with the discs in their back, either because the disks are herniated (ruptured) or bulging (compressed), or due to degenerative disc disease. Many millions more suffer from sciatica. A non-surgical medical treatment called spinal decompression therapy is bringing relief to many of these sufferers in a powerful yet gentle way.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is a non-invasive technique that safely relieves pressure on the spine, targeting specific vertebrae that need help. These can then get back into position to do the job they were designed for – cushioning the spine. They also can stop putting painful pressure on nearby nerves and muscles.

Since the procedure is so specifically targeted, the other parts of the spine are not directly involved, unlike with such treatments as inversion or traction, which stretch the entire spine. To understand back pain better, learn about spinal decompression hillsboro or.

How Is Spinal Decompression Done?

In spinal decompression therapy, the doctor fits the patient with a harness or harnesses (often around the upper body and the pelvis). These are connected to a computer which controls a padded table, much like a segmented massage table, where the patient reclines fully clothed. The patient may be face up or face down, and the head or legs might be elevated or toes tucked under a bolster; it all depends on what is trying to be accomplished.

The only side effects reported as being sometimes experienced are temporary muscle spasms. Spinal decompression is a slow, gentle process, taking about a half an hour each session and requiring several sessions per week for a month or more. Still, considering that recovery from back surgery can mean months of pain and incapacity, many people find spinal decompression well worth the time.

Spinal decompression is proving to be a popular way for patients to rid themselves of back pain. Increasingly, sufferers are finding that giving their spine a little rest from gravity’s effects is what it takes to restore its natural health and function.