Easing MRI Nerves

If you are like many people, then the thought of being in an enclosed MRI machine is frightening. There are loud noises that you hear while the scan is in process, and you might not enjoy being in such a confined space for an extended period of time. Fortunately, an open MRI Queens imaging centers offer is an option to consider. You are on a tale while the scanning machine circles around you, similar to an enclosed device, but there is no tube that you are in while you’re being scanned.

There are a few tips that you can follow if the idea of an MRI is still not what you want to think about. Try to eat a healthy meal before the scan so that you don’t think about food during the scan. You should also drink plenty of water before the scan because this will make it easier to see the area of the body that your doctor is trying to scan. Any negative experiences that you’ve had with an MRI will likely make you fear having any kind of MRI done in the future. Talk to the technician about any kind of doubts that you have as well as any previous experiences that you have had so that the technician will know how to handle the situation. There are often methods that the technician can use to make you feel comfortable, such as deep breathing or counting to yourself while the machine is scanning.

Make a trip to the bathroom before your appointment. This can relieve a good bit of pressure on the body, and you won’t think about needing to use the bathroom in the imaging room. If you still have uncertainties, then you can ask your doctor for a sedative before you go for your MRI appointment.