Detailed Scans

A radiology image is beneficial because it can show the doctor important features of the body that aren’t visible on an X-ray or when you have blood work done. When you go to the center for diagnostic imaging in Metuchen, NJ, there is little that you have to do to prepare for the type of imaging service that you will have done. Most of the time, a radiology image is either an MRI or a CT. Detailed pictures of the areas inside your body are taken while you are on a table inside a long tube. There are some centers that have started using open systems so that you aren’t in an enclosed tube, allowing you to feel more comfortable during the process.

You should wear comfortable clothing that isn’t restrictive. Although you likely won’t need any kind of injection or an IV, you want to feel comfortable while you’re on the table in the exam room. Your doctor might ask that you don’t eat or drink anything the night before the scan. This will allow for seeing the inside of the body a bit better, especially if you are getting an ultrasound done. Sometimes, a medication is given to show the doctor if there are any vessels that are leaking or if there are any blockages. This is an important detail that the doctor needs to see so that treatment can begin to prevent a range of health issues from a stroke to a heart attack.

Most radiology scans take less than an hour to complete depending on how detailed the images need to be for the doctor. You can leave after the scan is complete. The only person in the room will be the technician. This person will tell you exactly what to do and when you need to do it during the scan.