Fitness is a healthy lifestyle that combines exercise, regular diet, and resting arrangements. This lifestyle is the foundation for a healthy, strong and excellent body capable of performing its duties properly and optimally. Not only that, in a more disciplined and structured form, fitness is the basic and obligatory method that has been used by all sports athletes in the world to improve performance in each branch to become bigger, taller, stronger. Fitness, no longer an athlete’s secret weapon, has evolved into an inexhaustible part of the performance and performance improvement program for every athlete who wants to gain legitimate, sportive, and legal competitive advantage. You can visit “Testosterone Propionate and Anavar Cycle” to find relevant information.

Awareness of the magnitude of muscle benefits evolves with the development in the medical world, where hormone drugs that were originally developed to treat patients with hormonal disorders such as impotence, dwarf symptoms in children, and diabetes have attracted a group of athletes for development purposes such achievements. Along with the increasingly fierce sports competition, in the mid-1970s, athletes from Eastern Europe (such as Russia, East Germany, Romania, and Bulgaria) “creatively” used these hormone medicines to improve performance and beat their rivals. From the Olympic arena, the rate of use of artificial hormone drugs is also “transmitted” naturally to the bodybuilding branch. Until today, the use of drugs in the form of synthetic hormones (artificial) has spread to various sports, as well as various corners of the world, including Indonesia.

This use has obviously deviated far away from the essence of a fitness lifestyle that prioritizes physical health and fitness as well as the formation of positive and strong mental character.

Hormone Medicines Become Doping

Undoubtedly, the hormone is one of the important factors to create an environment/situation conducive to the muscle growth of an athlete. This is best acknowledged by professional athletes in many sports because generally, the bigger muscles are stronger, faster, and superior muscles. Performance Enhancing Drugs are drugs that contain artificial hormones that are often used not only by bodybuilding athletes but also by athletes in almost all sports, especially athletics, swimming, weightlifting, basketball, tennis.

But many individuals who do sports activities to enjoy the benefits, namely healthy living. And when seriously employed with solid health principles, it creates a group of drug-free athletes who try to increase their hormone production naturally.

For fitness practitioners and athletes, the rapid increase of muscle mass and strength is the most desirable condition. Various elements do need to exist at the same time to gain maximum muscle growth. The three main basic elements are exercise, nutrition, and rest. These three elements, when combined in the right composition will create an environment of rapid muscle growth (the anabolic environment). The anabolic environment is a state of the body that has an optimal hormone profile. The 3 most optimal hormones in muscle growth testosterone, growth hormone, and insulin. All three can be produced by the body naturally through the existence of exercise, nutrition and balanced rest.