Why So Many People Put Off Dental Work

If you hated going to the dentist as a child, you may neglect going as an adult. Your reason could be fear, financial worries or thinking that you’ve just let things go for too long. Here are the top reasons people avoid going to the dentist.

Fear of Pain

Some people may remember a painful cavity as a child or have heard a horror story from a friend and are now afraid. Dentistry has changed tremendously and procedures are virtually pain-free. Never base your opinion on someone else’s dental work. Each patient is different. Dental fear is common and the Park Slope family dentistry staff is ready to help ease your concern.


Another reason that keeps people from seeking dental help is shame. They fear that because their teeth are in bad shape, the dentist will think they have poor hygiene. Instead of going, they keep their pain to themselves. Dentists have seen all types of predicaments and will give you professional, unbiased advice.

Feeling They’ve Waited Too Long

Some people think they’ve simply missed the boat when it comes to their teeth. They may have a chipped, broken or even a missing tooth and feel that there’s no …


Three Specialists to Visit for a Better Quality of Life

Routine visits to your primary care physician and dentist can help keep you healthy, but aren’t all that’s necessary to maintain overall well being. While your doctor is able to help you with basic health and wellness, there are other specialists who can help you achieve a better quality of life no matter what your age or phase of life. Consider making an appointment with these specialists to make your self care a top priority.

Pain Management Specialists

Many people tolerate chronic pain and discomfort for years without taking any action to eradicated it. Book an appointment with a pain doctor jacksonville fl to find out what treatments are available for every type and level of pain. You may find that the dull ache you’ve been living with is actually capable of being eradicated with some simple procedures or treatments.


The internet and library are full of fad diets and people with opinions on which foods to eat and which ones to avoid for a healthy life. But if you want to truly know the best diet for your individual profile and needs, see a professional nutritionist. Everybody is different, so they’ll be able to give you a truly …


Non-Invasive Therapies in Cosmetic Medicine

Wellness clinics and medical spas can offer clientele specialized non-invasive therapies that can rejuvenate the skin or aid in weight loss. These procedures are typically performed under the guidance of a doctor, but unlike cosmetic surgery for imperfections, these treatments will not lead to long recovery times. If you are interested in cosmetic medicine Nassau County options, read on to learn about some of the procedures that are offered.

Treatments for the Skin

While a conventional day spa may only offer facial massages, wellness clinics can offer treatments specifically created to rejuvenate the skin. Chemical peels and Botox injections improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. While Botox weakens the muscles that lead to the creation of facial lines, chemical peels remove the most superficial layer of the skin, decreasing the appearance of lines. Some wellness clinics can also offer microdermabrasion or laser therapy to help with acne scarring or hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Treatments for Weight Loss

By offering targeted weight loss options, fat burning injections or a guided meal plan, wellness clinics can help a client maintain healthy lifestyle changes. Fat burning injections, also called lipotropic injections, are offered to increase overall body metabolism of fat …


Can I Qualify for Transitional Housing After Rehabilitation?

Stepping out into the world after undergoing treatment for a substance addiction can bring about high levels of anxiety and worries of immediate failure. A gentler way to go about this process is to stay in a sober living transitional home for a period of time to adjust. It gives you time to get everything in order and cultivate a positive support group to continue your recovery.

Discuss Your Transition Needs with Your Therapist and Doctor

Leaving a treatment center after completing a program for substance addiction can seem frightening if you are unsure of where to go and how to begin your life again. Discuss these concerns with your therapist and doctor so that the process of finding you a good match for transitional housing can happen right away.

What are your goals and plans?

Most people look forward to having freedom, but setting goals can seem like a huge step. Locating good, solid employment is usually the first step in moving towards getting your own place. Transition times are perfect for branching out and making supportive connections in your community.

Fill Out an Application

You’ll have to fill out an application that provides a basic background of who


How To Choose an Oral Surgeon

While you may be able to receive treatment for minor oral problems in your regular dentist’s office, more serious issues may require treatment from an oral surgeon.

Choosing which surgeon to see can be a daunting task, as there are over 9,000 such practitioners throughout the United States. You probably don’t want to see an oral surgeon across the country from where you live, however, so you can start by narrowing it down to your community or region. Here are some suggestions about how to proceed from there.

1. Know What To Look For

You want treatment from an oral surgeon who is qualified to perform the procedure and experienced in the type of treatment you need. It is a good sign if your surgeon has been practicing for a long time and/or belongs to a professional society. It is a very good sign if your surgeon has been published in a journal of dental implantology, as these publications are reviewed by established experts in the field to ensure accuracy. Perhaps the most important credential to look for is board certification

2. Get Referrals

Your dentist may be able to refer you to an oral surgeon with whose work