Stepping out into the world after undergoing treatment for a substance addiction can bring about high levels of anxiety and worries of immediate failure. A gentler way to go about this process is to stay in a sober living transitional home for a period of time to adjust. It gives you time to get everything in order and cultivate a positive support group to continue your recovery.

Discuss Your Transition Needs with Your Therapist and Doctor

Leaving a treatment center after completing a program for substance addiction can seem frightening if you are unsure of where to go and how to begin your life again. Discuss these concerns with your therapist and doctor so that the process of finding you a good match for transitional housing can happen right away.

What are your goals and plans?

Most people look forward to having freedom, but setting goals can seem like a huge step. Locating good, solid employment is usually the first step in moving towards getting your own place. Transition times are perfect for branching out and making supportive connections in your community.

Fill Out an Application

You’ll have to fill out an application that provides a basic background of who you are and contains all pertinent emergency contact information. All transition housing locations will want to know as much about you as possible to ensure it’s a good fit for everyone.

Undergo the Interview Process and Agree to the Rules

An interview will also be done to determine your level of commitment and understanding of what the rules are while in transitional housing. You’ll have to agree to the rules in order to be seriously considered. The actual move from treatment to transitional housing can be as quickly as 24-hours. Be ready to make the move.

Apply for the transitional housing Frederick MD area residents rely on to provide the bridge that’s needed between treatment and the outside world. Give yourself the best chances for complete recovery and sober living.