No exercise equipment, no downside. Bend them to a 90-degree angle, and straighten again whereas the heels push in the direction of the floor. Return to the beginning position and repeat on the opposite aspect. Lie face down with arms and legs extended. Straighten your left leg and soar into the air while driving your right knee up in entrance of your physique.Body Weight Exercises

Make certain the knees are immediately above the ankles and keep the again straight. Slowly lift one arm a couple of inches off the floor, protecting it straight without rotating the shoulders and protecting the head and torso nonetheless. Beginning on the arms and knees, keep a flat back and have interaction the core.

Push the appropriate hand on top of the lifted knee, utilizing the core to create pressure between the hand and knee. Preserve your chest up and again straight as you lean back to engage your abs. It’s a perfect method to enhance decrease-physique strength, while lunging back up from a deficit will power your muscles to function at the ends of your range of motion—constructing not only strength but also flexibility.

Starting on the fingers and knees , stand up onto the toes, tighten the core, and slowly attain forward with the suitable arm and proper knee, adopted by the left facet. This motion works the entire muscle groups within the decrease physique including the quads, glutes and hamstrings.

Raise your right leg off the ground, parallel to the floor. Prolong the legs behind the body and rise up on the toes. Use your core to steadiness and hold your back flat. Try to get your chest and hips as near the ground as attainable with out touching.