The Oil Mining Process.

Upon drilling oil comes out of the ground as crude oil that has to be refined through scientific processes to come up with the different components of oil that we have today. Crude oil does not just happen to be there, its formed by dead organisms undergoing decomposition over millions of years deep into the earth. The fact is that the earths tectonic plates are occasionally moving and shifting and this in turn has natural gas and oil trapped in some rocks.

Without the oil companies the energy industry would not be what it is today. To have oil, exploration followed by extraction has to take place and it’s all the work of oil companies. Geologists are the professionals that are entrusted with the finding of oil, this is the exploration part. They are tasked with finding areas that have good conditions that ,would trap oil. Oil flow will be influenced by gravity, if the geologist can ,measure the direction in which gravity changes, they could tell which way the oil is flowing. If gravity is not the way to go , 3D and 4D seismic imaging can be used to locate the oil that is in the reservoir rocks . This kind of oil exploration works by sending some shocks with some special equipment deep into the hidden rocks of the earth.

To understand the results of this kind of imaging the reflection of the waves are analyzed . If the area is found to have potentially lucrative deposits of oil, the coordinates of the area are marked so that extraction of oil can begin, if the area is over water body it is marked with a buoys Oil drilling is not as simple as just starting the moment the area is located. The geologists will conduct and present reports of environment impact and they will mark the perimeter of the area as well. The oil company will not proceed to ,mine without the necessary mining rights and certifications from the authorities in charge. With the rights obtained the company begins the mining by clearing the area of any vegetation that may be obstructing movement. To move machinery easily the company starts by coming up with some access roads to the area to move machines with ease.

Oil drilling needs water, if there is no water nearby the company has to dig wells. The company will also dig pits for disposing mud and the rocks during the excavation process. Drilling can begin as soon as a pit is made around the main drilling hole to enable access to the area.

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