Tips for Choosing the Right Call Tracking Software for Your Company

Finding the best call tracking software for your company involves many critical issues that you can easily miss unless you are careful enough. There sure is so much more happening behind a slick interface or a great discount.

Looking around, you will surely find a lot of vendors and products available. Before deciding on a particular call tracking platform, consider the following:

Covered Numbers

What you want to do with call tracking is publish unique numbers from one campaign to another. If you’re running an international campaign, ensure that local and toll free numbers in your target country or countries will be offered by your provider.

Automatic Number Generation

A good call tracking solution generate numbers dynamically, which means you will not have to manually assign numbers to pages. The manual process cannot be scaled after a number of campaigns, not to mention it can cause errors in analytics.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

You can boost the benefits of your call tracking software when it can be integrated with other tools. Avoid compatibility problems to make sure that your platform remains an asset to your company instead of a liability.

Complete Customization

Different businesses have different uses of call tracking software, and obviously, you’ll want to pick a platform that can be fully customized to your specific needs and requirements. Otherwise, you will end up wasting resources.


Once you implement a call tracking solution, all calls you get will go through that system, so pick one with a reputation for reliability. Else, you will not only lose leads, but your credibility among target customers can also be diminished.


There is so much information you can get about prospective customers from call recordings and transcriptions. Besides that, you will be able to assess and improve your sales reps’ call handling practices.

Concrete and Detailed Analytics

When picking a call tracking solution, be sure that it provides all essential analytics such as caller id, call source, call time and date, etc. presented in real time. Also, you should be able to obtain insights from historical data (e.g. call duration and call volume patterns, repeat callers, etc.) to help you optimize your marketing campaigns.


Lastly, while it should not be your main consideration for choosing a call tracking platform, cost is an important issue nonetheless. After all, you should only get one that you can afford to pay. With all your incoming sales calls entering through the call tracking software, pick a system that comes with the best rates for calling minutes and for phone numbers. Yes, phone number costs count because as you start scaling your campaigns, you will be purchasing many phone numbers.

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