All You Need To Know About The Sand Ceremony And How To Ensure That Is Accurate During The Wedding.

Unity candle ceremony is a ritual that is popular in most of the wedding ceremonies. When the mother to the bride and groom are escorted in, they will light candles that fixed at the side of a table. when the ceremony is ongoing the couple takes the side candles and light a big candle at the center which signifies that the two families have become one.

There are some couples that are against the idea of fire during such big event of their life. Else it a wedding held in the outdoor space and you won’t want to use a blow torch for you to light your candles In the wind. Due to such reasons, the sand ceremony has been developed to serve the same purpose of the unity candle ceremony. The symbolism is similar to that of unity candle ceremony.

The process of sand ceremony is initiated by the female parents of the couple, who are escorted each holding a bottle of sand with different color. The two bottle of sand indicate the brides and the grooms family. During the ceremony, the bride and the groom will pick the bottles of sand and pour the bottle of sand representing their respective families into a third container. They pour small bits of sand each at a time to ensure that the sand is perfectly mixed. The ritual is meant to show that the marriage union should be inseparable. The bottle of sand is an important reminder that the couple should keep somewhere special in their home.

Although one won’t have to deal with fire in this kind of ritual, you need to be careful to ensure that the sand remains dry. Moist sand glues together making it hard to come out of the container. If you intend to have your wedding in a wet place ensure that the sand is kept in a container that does not allow air in. This will ensure that the soil is moisture free and thus it can be poured out of the container without hardships. It is also essential that you practice the ceremony well in advance. The couple should buy extra sand and practice how the ceremony should be done. Rehearsing helps you become confident and minimizes chances of doing a mistake during the actual ritual. By knowing how to conduct the ceremony before the actual event the couple will be able to focus on the purpose of the ritual as they know what ought to be done.
To ensure that all the details of your wedding sand ceremony perfectly blends into the whole wedding tradition, you should talk to your wedding planner about all the details of the ceremony.

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