How to Find the Right Residential or Commercial Misting System

You may want to install a commercial or residential misting system in an outdoor area of your premises. The popularity and demand of misting equipment has been increasing over the past few years. You will find the equipment in different brands and styles at online or offline stores. Given that there are many types of misting fans in the market, how can you know which one will be best for you? Below is an overview of what you should know before buying a misting system.

How Much Does the Misting System Cost?
Fog misting systems come in a wide range of prices. For example, you will find systems that cost less than $30. However, the cheap systems are usually misting rings that attach to a standard fan. Cheap fog systems will allow you to attach the house to a faucet and the unit on the fan guard. Cheap systems, of course, produce some amount of mist. However, the mist will only cover a small area and will be delivered in low pressure.

If you want a misting system with a stainless steel attachment, you will have to increase your budget. Stainless steel attachments do not rust over time and this is why they cost a little bit more. However, they still have the same limitation of covering only a small parameter and producing low-pressure mist.

Cool home humidifiers and most cheap fog systems work in nearly the same way. In fact, the amount of humidifiers in the market is quite high compared to fog mists. However, when it comes to cooling an area, fog mist systems are generally superior.

Disadvantages of Cheap Residential Mist Systems
Quality misting fans usually produce tiny water droplets that effectively cool various areas of the house. When searching for a misting system, avoid those that have low pressure. Fog misting systems that produce low pressure cannot effectively cool the house. Cheap fog systems lack powerful fans and therefore cannot produce the water droplets that are meant to cool an area.

When searching for a residential fog misting system, go for one with a powerful fan. The high pressure from the fans makes them produce tiny water droplets need to cool an area. You should get these fans for various reasons. If you have a large area that you would like to be cooled, these fans will work effectively. Apart from this, the system will keep dust in the area to a minimum as the water will absorb the particles. Finally, the fans can help to eliminate odors in the areas where they are installed.

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